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The ACC Drive is a collaborative area to share files and knowledge. Anyone can see the files, please PM DJRice on the forum to gain upload access.

ACC Drive

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When you have the right permission the upload buttons will appear above. Navigate to the directory you wish to upload to, then select the files you wish, then hit ‘upload’.

If you need a new directory creating, please PM @DJRice

Once you have uploaded/changed any files please add a comment below telling everyone what you have changed.

12 Comments on “ACC Drive”

  1. When opening the Database, it says that it is in an Inconsistent state and will attempt to recover, and then that the database cant be repaired or is not a Microsoft Access File

  2. Hi, are you re referring to the training database? If so, it’s access, but if it’s not working try asking on the forum. The creator is there.

  3. The zip file “” has been uploaded.
    This archive contains the original vector versions of the current RAFAC logos in both “block” and “Banner” styles and is provided in Adobe Illustrator CS (.ai) and Corel Draw (.cdr) file formats. RGB, CMYK and Pantone variants are included.*raf_air_cadets_logos_full_quality

    The Style guide is available on Sharepoint.

  4. I’ve begun to upload my Air Power slides/lesson plans – encountered a problem as some of the files are large, even after compression (it might be the RAFAC slide template, as the images have been compressed). I have stripped some images from the slide decks already uploaded here – feel free to download the files and add your own images as you feel fit.

    I will see if I can slim down Lesson 4 further, or perhaps load it as two parts if all else fails.

  5. Added an article to the general reference section on ‘Skill Fade’ relevant to the qualification currency discussion, but useful for all instructors.

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