Air Cadet Central is a privately funded website which was started in 1998 as a central site for air cadets to meet and get information.

The site has had several redesigns to keep up with technology and web specifications and is currently programmed using Open Source Software including WordPress and the Discourse forum.

Many thanks go to maia internet services who kindly host this site for free. For more information on web hosting for air cadet units, follow this link or go to for information on their standard accounts.

Thanks also to Peter Steehouwer and Aircraft Images for their permission to use their pictures on the site.

The Team:

We have a number of Staff working in their spare time to ensure the site runs smoothly in accordance with our Terms of Service (ToS) and Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP).

The Staff are broken into two teams:


We, currently, have one Administrator whose job is to keep the technical side of the web site running smoothly and keeping the software updated. They are also responsible for listening to user feedback and adjusting the site as required. This includes adding new features or correcting errors (bugs). They are also responsible for data management in line with GDPR Legislation.

The Admins are:

Lead Administrator and site owner


We have a brilliant team of Moderators. Their job is to ensure the smooth running of the forum in accordance with the Acceptable Usage Policy. They are responsible for dealing with infringements of the AUP and helping users in the correct usage of the forum.

They are all volunteers and use their spare time to make Air Cadet Central a fun, fair, informative and most importantly a safe place to visit.

In the spirit of fairness the moderators have a choice of display themselves with anonymous usernames or their regular usernames – this protects all users and the moderators themselves.

The Mods are:

Thank you for visiting Air Cadet Central.


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