ACC Drive – All New

Today I have been working on a new and updated ACC Drive. The Google hosted solution has been fine up until now but it has had it’s limitations. Having to use external user accounts, not searchable from outside Google Drive and no real way of publishing changes, to name but a couple. After some user feedback I’ve looked into a … Read More

Nation’s Flagship

Nation’s flagship takes to sea for the first time History was made today as HMS Queen Elizabeth, the first QE Class aircraft carrier, set sail from Rosyth to commence first stage sea trials off the north-east of Scotland. Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said: This is a historic moment for the UK as our new aircraft carrier takes to sea … Read More

Air Cadet Central is pleased to announce that has been re-jigged and is ready to accept orders! A great service provided at fantastic value to Air Cadet Squadrons. What is is a web service provided in conjunction with our parent company, Maia Internet Services, to bring the best web tools to the Air Cadet Community. What does … Read More


Recent events in the Microsoft OS arena have caused serious concern. The worldwide infection of many Windows PCs has stirred up a hornets nest of accusations from all sides! What is WannaCrypt? Simply put it’s a computer Worm; once activated on an un-patched Windows machine it toddles off and encrypts your files, then asks for a ransom, paid in BitCoins, … Read More

New missiles systems

Secretary of State, Sir Michael Fallon, has today announced three new missile contracts worth a combined ¬£539 million for state-of-the-art Meteor, Common Anti-air Modular Missile (CAMM) and Sea Viper missile systems at MBDA Stevenage. “The deal ensures our Armed Forces have the best equipment available to protect the new Queen Elizabeth Class Carriers and the extended fleet from current and … Read More

International Defence Engagement Strategy 2017

Published, 17 February 2017, the¬†International Defence Engagement Strategy 2017 details the UK’s Defence Strategy. “This strategy sets out how defence engagement contributes to delivering our vision of security and prosperity with strengthened influence to further our interests across the world.” “Defence engagement helps build the robust relationships on which our influence, prosperity and security depend. It enables us to respond … Read More

ACC Community

The Air Cadet Central Community has been going now for over 10 years! A vibrant collection of Staff and Cadet members provide a veritable wealth of news, advice and conversation about the Air Cadets world wide. Recent events have forced a slight redesign of the site but has brought some potential benefits! Alongside the central Forum, the main site now … Read More